A Something from

A few somethings/projects that resources; time and energy, have been going towards recently. As always the bag is mixed and most unfinished; usually barely started. The lion share of energy is being devoted to Orlampaland and this something has me most excited.

Orlampaland by Mikhael Ro

Orlampaland is loosely based on actual Florida reality and events; mostly. A love story of sorts.

The amount of time we spend at Walt Disney World should be put towards something productive and Bay Lake Trust is dedicated to that goal, to Disney Twitter and to those that use Walt Disney World as their stage. 

Bay Lake Trust by Mikhael Ro

As always; the work continues on me.

Mikhael Ro by Mikhael Ro

While We Waited; where it started, the original one, in an abrasively different tone. Queued for the end; dying Star, generational apocalypse kind of stuff.

While We Waited by Mikhael Ro