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Appearance of Restored Balance

Way back when, you know, a few days ago, might have been a couple weeks by now; the digital footprint of this guy was in flux. Many accounts were cleaned and or discontinued, much work is left to be done with what remains, all this in the spirit of simplification. A busy period is quickly approaching and the clutter could at times be distracting and unproductive.

What remains:

This web space and it’s associated Twitter account and YouTube channel will continue to be a hub for all things Mikhael Ro.

The @WhileWeWaited Ezine has been given a supercharged boost of new vigor with renewed focus, purpose, and other words that convey a message of “and this time we mean it” attitude. 


A new print edition of While We Waited will be arriving in 2017.

you’ve been teased

Exciting stuff and times are here, well; the wait is almost over. 

Enjoy your day… or else.


Halt the Hamster Wheel. 

We start a new week fresh and free of regurgitation, with little to no preconceived notions of how this week that is just now at the halfway point will end. Two weeks ago those fortunate few that are subscribed to the Mikhael Ro YouTube channel started receiving notifications about new uploaded videos. Without missing a day; new videos have been uploaded and shared everyday for two weeks making both the first and second weeks goals of not missing a day successful. There is no such goal for this third week and it’s not likely that a video will be uploaded and shared everyday; we are just not there, yet. New videos will be made public this week and all the videos will be made available on this website.

Mikhael Ro from Florida; powered by WordPress.

Relive the enthusiasm and serendipity of the Pencil Phase; available in this playlist. ↓

Lightning in a Blog Post

“Message In A Bottle” Now, Lightning in a Blog Post. You know it goes perfectly when you hum the words in your head. The Police released Message In A Bottle as the first single from the 1979 Regatta de Blanc album.

Speaking of firsts… this offering of art; Lightning on the Beach, was to be the first image made available for purchase on things like canvas, coffee mugs,  t-shirts, and other junk you don’t need. Fortunately for you and the internet, resolution requirements are lost on this guy; blocking any further actions towards opening up a Society 6 or Fine Art America account.

Lightning on the Beach; Mikhael Ro

It’s probably for the better that this has been curtailed; the volume that these could be cranked out might possibly, no, most definitely would break the internet. Luck us, we dodged an onslaught of prettiness blanketing the digital landscape.

Share if you enjoy, become a monthly Patron to an Artist at PatreonPayPal is used if you prefer to offer a one time gift. Your support is appreciated; without you, I would get lonely…start talking to myself, then where would this little digital plot of real estate be, where? I shake my head and think “How sad.” Then I start talking to myself, …

See me talk at a camera and record moving pictures of pretty things at YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you are well. 

Puff Puff Puffin Along

A mobile only existence is within reach and the Puffin Web Browser is responsible for allowing it to happen.

Install Puffin on Android.

The web browser built by Puffin, supports Adobe Flash allowing access to the YouTube Video Editor on a mobile device. Although a bit tedious at times, Puffin truly has features that would allow for a PCless future and a mobile only workspace.

Tall Grass; proof that video editing with YouTube can be accomplished using mobile. 

Even The Best Vloggers Suck Sometimes – BlogDogIt

Blogdogit has posted some very kind words about my YouTube channel and has been especially creative with a review of the video, Vacuuming a Bed.

“You have to understand folks, that household chore videos are not the everyday fare of this up and coming vlogger but this offering should let us all know – in no uncertain terms – that Mikhael Ro has a camera and is not afraid to use it in his quest to take the internet by storm.”

Read the full write up at Blogdogit

link →


Thanks Blogdogit, I really enjoyed your words and I’m sure other will too; even if they don’t appreciate the fledgling art form displayed. Blogdogit subscribed to the Mikhael Ro YouTube channel and so should you. They’ve said it, I’ve said it, and soon you’ll be saying it too; Subscribe to Mikhael Ro’s YouTube channel today.

A Week of YouTube.

I did it! I posted at least one video to YouTube everyday for a whole week and now I am going to try and double that. Very little from the past week resembles the plans set seven days earlier, but you know what; I am more than OK with the way it turned out.

The Walt Disney World focused, On Park Property playlist received two new videos, while the Mikhael Ro from Florida playlist received the most attention this week with five new uploads. I vacuum a bed in one; you really should check it out. Florida Local playlist had one video added, a drive through Celebration, Florida along Celebration Avenue and downtown Celebration to finish out the first week.

Here is that Driving POV Video


Now. On to week two.

Please subscribe to Mikhael Ro on YouTube! New video content uploaded daily with amazing new features like text, photos, and polls coming by the end of the year; with the release of YouTube Backstage. What?! YouTube is going full featured Social? That’s the word. Exciting times, exciting times indeed.

Thanks for scrolling down this far. Hope you are well. :o)