South Tampa Charming

Pictures taken

A typical day in South Tampa, photo by Mikhael Ro.
South Tampa, photo by Mikhael Ro.

First Flight to Pandora World of Avatar

We made the journey to Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World for a special dress rehearsal open to Annual Passholders. A future trip with Alpha Centauri Expeditions is being scheduled for a night time visit; more than likely on a night with 11 – 1am extra Magic hours. Excited to see this new land come alive after the Sun sets on Animal Kingdom. Our first trip to Pandora was a day trip, the Sun was hot and the Sun was bright. Rides were rode; they were both nice, well put together and a welcome retreat from the oppressive afternoon Sun.

Na’vi River Journey the Avatar boat ride was added to our My Disney Experience plans as a Fastpass and linked to our Magicbands, while Avatar Flight of Passage used paper Attraction Passes.

Paper Fastpass, photo by Mikhael Ro.

The new land at DAK has a vast open area with the Floating mountain range as the centerpiece of Pandora.

Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.

With a little help, the colors of Avatar pop.

Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.
Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.

Eroding Matt8er

Your opinion matters, your ideas, matter.

The words used​, context implied, the dialogue created; these thing hold value.

Truth holds​ value. Dishonesty erodes the underlying foundation of reality until the lie is believed over fact; causing critical collapse. Critical collapse is nigh, unless it isn’t​; which stands to reason if not, then possibly never, right.

It’s a shame really; all we had to do was the right thing and much of this could have been avoided, probably.

“All right, then, I’ll go to hell; because as long as I was in, and in for good, I might as well go the whole hog.” Sam Twain/Mark Clemens one of those guys.

The 8 was an accidental push of the screen, but it will remain unchanged.

Loading Data Loop

I wrote some words, then deleted a portion of those words, plugged in a few more; then scrapped the whole thing.

Now here we are…well; Here I am. You, you are somewhere other than here; you are actually sometime other than now. I wouldn’t worry to much about those details; it all happens at the same time. . . Or so they say. 


The most lopsided game of tic tac below.

Stare long enough and you’ll see a schooner.

Unrelated; been hit over the head with the “news” lately? 

The Sun did grace us with it’s presence once more, which is nice; one day that ball of really hot stuff will swallow everything we have ever known.

Remember, if you forget​ who you are, the timeline will be different from the others.

Remember who you wanted to be. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Times up; hope this finds you well.