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Mikhael Ro web log

Binding to Receptors

It must end. The back pain is debilitating; thinking clearly has become a luxury at this point, as has mobility. Apparently I’m an adult now, so with alrighty then of a doctor, I will be allowed to become a part of the opioid epidemic after the doctors appointment. A doctor’s appointment should be made.

A year or more of alternative methods has lead me to this decision to join the ranks of the rest of the zombies.

Hello zombies, how are you?


There are Ten

After a major cleaning session many domains have found their end; don’t mourn for now there are ten. Ten donames should be alright; more than a few get locked away tight. Let’s go down the list, to see if more ending is necessary before the beginning of something, something, something.

1. Mikhael Ro is a native Floridian; father, husband, and son. 

2. mrozine is a place for original Mikhael Ro stuff; (pronounced) m – ro – zine (zine like magazine) or Mr Orzine; according to my loving wife.

3. Orlampaland is a place streets ahead, existing within the great state of Florida.

4. DigiAgit is searching for it’s hearts song.

5. Intergenerational Estrangement is the most awesome domain and there are no plans on giving it up; or expanding further, probably ever, more than likely.

6. Family Website (Private)

7. Guide to COMING SOON, squirrel!

8. Tampaland once the territory of Orlampaland is consumed, stories from Tampaland will be sure to please.

9.  While We Waited (Archived) An original intent; sidetracked by a memory, distracted by possibility, ultimately shuttered.

10. WDW2071 (Archived) This is the one, the first one, first one to go to self hosting, first to have a serious user group; lots of firsts with the now shelved WDW2071.

Out of 10, we really have 5 and with those 5, 4 will be updated regularly. Intergenerational Estrangement might become home to… something, but for now it will remain mostly dormant. Orlampaland, mrozine, and DigiAgit will be linked here often. 

Theming changes expected, better menu on the white board, words, photos, and more, more has not been defined.

Friday Dump

A constipated mind, transfixed by the finish line; the final day of first grade. 

A week that resembled the others​ that came before, yet the hour hand rotated more swiftly. Today is the day, a few hours until the house erupts from it’s slumber; a silly half day to mark the occasion. The oldest excited to be ending a stellar year in the first grade, his younger brother on the other hand has no idea that the world is about to change. The baby has grown accustomed to having the house to himself and won’t be to keen on sharing the staff with his brother; I am the staff and the staff is more than ready for summer.  

Two hours until the first alarm nudges my wife and I awake to our first last day of first grade. We made it. ♥

In keeping with a tradition set into motion seven days ago this is the second offering of the Friday Dump. The Friday Dump is all the unpublished; started but didn’t and probably won’t finish posts from the last seven days. 

This week produced only the words in this post so that’s what there is. Next week or the one 9 weeks from now may be drastically different, or similar; not a time traveler in that way, so I don’t know.

mrozine did have new photos posted; which was nice. Orlampaland is still a thing and is one of the major projects of the Summer; that and the robot. The boys want to set up a studio for video creation; the staff held meetings​ and agreed to the proposed endeavor. It’s going to be fun.

Loading Data Loop

I wrote some words, then deleted a portion of those words, plugged in a few more; then scrapped the whole thing.

Now here we are…well; Here I am. You, you are somewhere other than here; you are actually sometime other than now. I wouldn’t worry to much about those details; it all happens at the same time. . . Or so they say. 


The most lopsided game of tic tac below.

Stare long enough and you’ll see a schooner.

Unrelated; been hit over the head with the “news” lately? 

The Sun did grace us with it’s presence once more, which is nice; one day that ball of really hot stuff will swallow everything we have ever known.

Remember, if you forget​ who you are, the timeline will be different from the others.

Remember who you wanted to be. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Times up; hope this finds you well.