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Orlampaland Survey Markers Established

You’d love it here in Orlampaland, come and stay a while.

NEW post on Orlampaland; the awesomeness, the neighbors and borders. Orlampaland is brave enough to continue on with the often unbelievable story of Florida.


Friday Dump

The question is often posed; what if aliens are real, what if there is extraterrestrial life? Predictable outcome of course; germs, environment, and communication are all doing their part to block a successful meeting with an alien.

What if there isn’t? What if we really are alone in the cosmos?

Are we alone? Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Earth is great, you know; it’s got water, and um, gravity, a sun and a moon that we call the Sun and the Moon. Yeah, Earth is a wonderful place to call a prison. With so many factors; seen and unseen, how are we ever going to escape the planetary shackles imposed upon the human spices? 

Color, photo by Mikhael Ro.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell has an excellent video on Why Earth is a Prison ←LINK↓

mrozine has pictures, some of them pretty.

mrozine by Mikhael Ro

In Motion

The new style;

4 and 3 and 2 and 1, what up?

The newish University of Phoenix commerical focused​ on a worker, that after being replaced at work with robots goes back to school; is animated. If you are asking yourself, “is that it; animated, so what?” Then my use of bold; did not work.

Link to the advertisement video below. ↓ 

Thanks for being there; had to get that out.

mrozine is still cranking out the hits one picture at a time. Recently posted photos, ↓

mrozine by Mikhael Ro

Orlampaland is heading towards​ directional awareness; later the South Florida secession movement, but now the beach.

Orlampaland by Mikhael Ro.

Friday Dump

What words do you keep hearing, seeing, and using in day to day conversations? 

All the words not published, no, because in the end these specific grouping of words will have the publish button activated; hmm.

Are you having a good day? Is that code for what are you pissed about? Do headlights really need wipers? Not sure about the Google Maps update. 

Now below is a not review of Avatar land; you’ll see why, by the end.

I’ve been to Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World and have something to say. Meh… 

No RCID or Mouse Ears on this manhole cover in Pandora World of Avatar; photo by Mikhael Ro.

So, first off, let’s get this out of the way; I’m not a fan of the Avatar movie. I should also inform you that, I haven’t watched Avatar all the way through; even after 5 attempts to watch the movie, sleep is the result. 

Avatar puts me to sleep, but so does Pineapple Express.

Disney started construction on Avatar Land in January of 2014 and I experienced a technical dress rehearsal for Pandora World of Avatar in May of 2017. During​ the construction of Pandora at Animal Kingdom many things were said, conversations about what ifs and why nots ran through communities like wildfire, but now…

Yeah, I lost interest and have not regained said interest; so… If you enjoyed the movie Avatar, like to go in a circle on a boat, or have a thing for flight simulators; then Pandora World of Avatar may be to your liking. If circles, simulators, and the movie don’t get you excited then you might find that you are in a new land of disappointment.

Bubbles; i like bubbles. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Manufacturing Errors and the Universe posted on mrozine is one of my favorites.

mrozine has been hosting some of my favorite photos; a new photo is published almost daily. 

mrozine photo post for the 18th of May; photo by Mikhael Ro.

Oh and Orlampaland has a new header image used on the website and Twitter.

Orlampaland header, by Mikhael Ro.

Here’s another Pandora picture.

Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World; photo by Mikhael Ro.

First Flight to Pandora World of Avatar

We made the journey to Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World for a special dress rehearsal open to Annual Passholders. A future trip with Alpha Centauri Expeditions is being scheduled for a night time visit; more than likely on a night with 11 – 1am extra Magic hours. Excited to see this new land come alive after the Sun sets on Animal Kingdom. Our first trip to Pandora was a day trip, the Sun was hot and the Sun was bright. Rides were rode; they were both nice, well put together and a welcome retreat from the oppressive afternoon Sun.

Na’vi River Journey the Avatar boat ride was added to our My Disney Experience plans as a Fastpass and linked to our Magicbands, while Avatar Flight of Passage used paper Attraction Passes.

Paper Fastpass, photo by Mikhael Ro.

The new land at DAK has a vast open area with the Floating mountain range as the centerpiece of Pandora.

Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.

With a little help, the colors of Avatar pop.

Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.
Pandora World of Avatar, photo by Mikhael Ro.

Eroding Matt8er

Your opinion matters, your ideas, matter.

The words used​, context implied, the dialogue created; these thing hold value.

Truth holds​ value. Dishonesty erodes the underlying foundation of reality until the lie is believed over fact; causing critical collapse. Critical collapse is nigh, unless it isn’t​; which stands to reason if not, then possibly never, right.

It’s a shame really; all we had to do was the right thing and much of this could have been avoided, probably.

“All right, then, I’ll go to hell; because as long as I was in, and in for good, I might as well go the whole hog.” Sam Twain/Mark Clemens one of those guys.

The 8 was an accidental push of the screen, but it will remain unchanged.