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  • Native Floridian, Tampa local, 
  • Father, Husband, and Son.
  • Worker, Thinker, Inventor, Artist.
  • MagicBand Wearing, Walt Disney World Passholder.
  • Observer of Things, Writer of Stuff, and Key Puncher.

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I heart Florida and I am very excited about the things we have yet to accomplish. “If you build it, they will come;” sort of stuff. :o)

Regarding Disney

Mikhael Ro is a shareholder, passholder, and a lifelong consumer of The Walt Disney Company, specifically the Walt Disney World Resort in the beautiful state of Florida. Never being more than about one days walk from the Disney World property since birth; calculating the time spent on property is futile as the sum is vastly unknowable. My family and I are on the Walt Disney World Resort property often and those experiences are the primary source of the Disney related material found online by me.  

Mikhael Ro is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way.  See the Mikhael Ro Disclaimer Notice Here.

I speak, when allowed and only for myself, the views expressed are my own.