Friday Dump

The question is often posed; what if aliens are real, what if there is extraterrestrial life? Predictable outcome of course; germs, environment, and communication are all doing their part to block a successful meeting with an alien.

What if there isn’t? What if we really are alone in the cosmos?

Are we alone? Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Earth is great, you know; it’s got water, and um, gravity, a sun and a moon that we call the Sun and the Moon. Yeah, Earth is a wonderful place to call a prison. With so many factors; seen and unseen, how are we ever going to escape the planetary shackles imposed upon the human spices? 

Color, photo by Mikhael Ro.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell has an excellent video on Why Earth is a Prison ←LINK↓

mrozine has pictures, some of them pretty.

mrozine by Mikhael Ro

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