Friday Dump

A constipated mind, transfixed by the finish line; the final day of first grade. 

A week that resembled the others​ that came before, yet the hour hand rotated more swiftly. Today is the day, a few hours until the house erupts from it’s slumber; a silly half day to mark the occasion. The oldest excited to be ending a stellar year in the first grade, his younger brother on the other hand has no idea that the world is about to change. The baby has grown accustomed to having the house to himself and won’t be to keen on sharing the staff with his brother; I am the staff and the staff is more than ready for summer.  

Two hours until the first alarm nudges my wife and I awake to our first last day of first grade. We made it. ♥

In keeping with a tradition set into motion seven days ago this is the second offering of the Friday Dump. The Friday Dump is all the unpublished; started but didn’t and probably won’t finish posts from the last seven days. 

This week produced only the words in this post so that’s what there is. Next week or the one 9 weeks from now may be drastically different, or similar; not a time traveler in that way, so I don’t know.

mrozine did have new photos posted; which was nice. Orlampaland is still a thing and is one of the major projects of the Summer; that and the robot. The boys want to set up a studio for video creation; the staff held meetings​ and agreed to the proposed endeavor. It’s going to be fun.


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