Friday Dump

What words do you keep hearing, seeing, and using in day to day conversations? 

All the words not published, no, because in the end these specific grouping of words will have the publish button activated; hmm.

Are you having a good day? Is that code for what are you pissed about? Do headlights really need wipers? Not sure about the Google Maps update. 

Now below is a not review of Avatar land; you’ll see why, by the end.

I’ve been to Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World and have something to say. Meh… 

No RCID or Mouse Ears on this manhole cover in Pandora World of Avatar; photo by Mikhael Ro.

So, first off, let’s get this out of the way; I’m not a fan of the Avatar movie. I should also inform you that, I haven’t watched Avatar all the way through; even after 5 attempts to watch the movie, sleep is the result. 

Avatar puts me to sleep, but so does Pineapple Express.

Disney started construction on Avatar Land in January of 2014 and I experienced a technical dress rehearsal for Pandora World of Avatar in May of 2017. During​ the construction of Pandora at Animal Kingdom many things were said, conversations about what ifs and why nots ran through communities like wildfire, but now…

Yeah, I lost interest and have not regained said interest; so… If you enjoyed the movie Avatar, like to go in a circle on a boat, or have a thing for flight simulators; then Pandora World of Avatar may be to your liking. If circles, simulators, and the movie don’t get you excited then you might find that you are in a new land of disappointment.

Bubbles; i like bubbles. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Manufacturing Errors and the Universe posted on mrozine is one of my favorites.

mrozine has been hosting some of my favorite photos; a new photo is published almost daily. 

mrozine photo post for the 18th of May; photo by Mikhael Ro.

Oh and Orlampaland has a new header image used on the website and Twitter.

Orlampaland header, by Mikhael Ro.

Here’s another Pandora picture.

Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World; photo by Mikhael Ro.

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