Loading Data Loop

I wrote some words, then deleted a portion of those words, plugged in a few more; then scrapped the whole thing.

Now here we are…well; Here I am. You, you are somewhere other than here; you are actually sometime other than now. I wouldn’t worry to much about those details; it all happens at the same time. . . Or so they say. 


The most lopsided game of tic tac below.

Stare long enough and you’ll see a schooner.

Unrelated; been hit over the head with the “news” lately? 

The Sun did grace us with it’s presence once more, which is nice; one day that ball of really hot stuff will swallow everything we have ever known.

Remember, if you forget​ who you are, the timeline will be different from the others.

Remember who you wanted to be. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Times up; hope this finds you well.


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