Newness on Tampaland

What was the last thing I said? Don’t think it wasn’t important, it just isn’t most important right now. Wait, I just heard; “do you find grown ups?,” there was more to that question, but really we can stop with that.

Do you find grown ups?

In my experience, no. We are all scared little children without a clue as to what is actually happening. Some how, maybe devine intervention, we make it through… until we don’t.

Alright, moving along to the purpose of this post. . . . . . . umm, . . . . . .well, . . . . . you see, what happened was, . . . I doubt there was a point; now that I think about it.

Check out the latest post on the Tampaland feed to find out where middle Tampa is located. 

Tampaland. X marks the spot.

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