Hit the breaks, I hate it all again. Here is my problem with using WordPress; remember I said “problem with using WordPress,” this isn’t really about WordPress. 

I don’t think it’s about WordPress… anyway. Let’s first say, so their is no confusion; WordPress is an amazing tool used by a lot of people. WordPress is swell, the bees knees, the cat pajamas, and works. Self hosting while using WordPress was an enjoyable experience, but budgetary constraints have limited funding to IRL activities. So the switch was made to the .Com side of things; the free service offered to sell you “do it for you” services. It’s limiting, but that’s not really the issue either; space is a concern, but no issue.

One problem with using WordPress is that is just does to much. That’s right it’s to good. Anyway WordPress is awesome, I’ll work through my issues with submission.


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