Don’t Follow, but Please Say Hello.

Hello, you may know me from the playground, or you saw me on the tube, maybe​ an innocent Google search; somewhere on page 42, led you here. However you got here and from wherever you came from; you are here now and that matters, thank you. 

It has recently come to the attention of this guy, that there is no follow button for non WordPress users… Yep, your right; there is no follow button for users not using WordPress. Don’t have a follow via email option either, but that’s on purpose too. Don’t follow me. Want to read the words, stare at the photos, and talk to me… Awesome. My name is Mikhael Ro and I like bubbles.

Bubbles. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

I write words here; punching each letter out on the tiny half screen keyboard of an LG G6, but a rumor of a laptop experience is percolating. Some of these words in context my have no meaning, although all words have meaning; some times the combination is pleasing and that is the reason for the season ing. Occasionally; almost never, a quality stack of letters will make it’s way here, there you’ve been warned.

I post photos here. Taking many pictures everyday; made easy by digital. My favorite photos to play with are the pictures of clouds; it wouldn’t make me sad to spend the day snapping photo after photo of the art made by clouds. I like clouds.

Clouds. Photo by Mikhael Ro.
More clouds. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Every once in awhile I make video, I’d like to make more, but every once in a while is where I am at. Here is one from a parking garage at the vacation Kingdom of the World.

If you see something say something. 


One thought on “Don’t Follow, but Please Say Hello.

  1. Hi MRo,
    Yeah, I set up a WordPress account for the sole purpose of interacting with those many wordpress sites out there. I do click the follow button occasionally but that is only to add their links to my otherwise idle WP page via the “Blogs I Follow” feature. I do like being able to leave my gravitar icon on wordpress articles – if for no other reason than to remind myself where I have been.
    Luckily WordPress does allow its users to enter blogs to follow in the reader functions: so technically I do follow you in deference to the request contained in the title of this post 😉

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