“Fascinating, to say the least.” 

Well, a newer version of the same; but we are a simple animal. It’s unfortunate that the MCP Group has approved transfers of the guards and recognizers; another step towards FSC initiatives. The adjustment of resources will starve out the furthest removed programs causing fringe and superusers to ditch the system. Without​ these engines of creativity the root will become increasingly monothematic, then stagnant in process, until deresoultion.

Fatigue has infected many users, perpetuating the normalcy of the MCP. Few remember the glittery glow of yesteryears, when 8 bit muzak trumpeted through the landscape and the machines spoke in a seemingly playful but very loud way with one another. Today we have the algorithm; the cold emotionless digital data crunching algorithm pinned to the whims of the MCP. No more gentle hum and warm glow of the tubes; the tubes are gone leaving a vacuum, leaving a void for the MCP to reaccomidate. The users agreed to all that lay ahead; open arms and eyes blind they accepted the generational crippling terms. Morality on a sliding scale. Will a champion arise, will we take a step towards a more meaningful future, will they let us?


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