No u se e e yore

Two in one! Which one did you se e first?

I don’t believe you. You is used as a substitute for “Them” or “They”

Anyone, anyone at all feel as though this episode of “Who’s Dumber” has the rancid odor of make believe. This storyline is weak, yet it’s the one you and yours​ have swallowed as reality. Sad. ← Relatively new; grammatically speaking.

United together under a covert PSA. Pass.

“Those toe nails need trimming.” Yep, nothing to worry about; carry on, situation normal. Newish normal; not normal, but not new…not being new, kinda makes it normal…

This situation sucks, not in the useful vacuum sort of way. Sigh.

Good luck unless Opposite Day is being observed.

By the way. This is Art. Beautiful Art.


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