Wo rkS u ck s

Nearly 6 month of this schedule/routine and now I think it’s time to say goodbye. This stretch has been rough; 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night, every night, it has taken its toll, been taxing. Exhaustion lurks at every turn and reality has all but blurred to the background. Tapping out, crying uncle, unable to even fake that this is possible any longer. The amount sacraficed has strongly outweighed any advances made over the last half year. Going no where, with nothing to show for it; obviously a lost cause.

Some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, we are horribly lost; the good news is, we are making great time.

Beaten, unfulfilled, and poorly compensated would be the major themes of this chapter and are the undeniable reasons for a shift in the timeline. I will be cutting hours at work by 50%; luckily the pay is exceptionally unremarkable, so the lose of income will be minimal. There are many things more important than money, especially when the, nevermind.

A few, a lot of things were placed on hold, back burnered, or all together scraped because of time constraints, some of those things will be revisited…after a rest.


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