Appearance of Restored Balance

Way back when, you know, a few days ago, might have been a couple weeks by now; the digital footprint of this guy was in flux. Many accounts were cleaned and or discontinued, much work is left to be done with what remains, all this in the spirit of simplification. A busy period is quickly approaching and the clutter could at times be distracting and unproductive.

What remains:

This web space and it’s associated Twitter account and YouTube channel will continue to be a hub for all things Mikhael Ro.

The @WhileWeWaited Ezine has been given a supercharged boost of new vigor with renewed focus, purpose, and other words that convey a message of “and this time we mean it” attitude. 


A new print edition of While We Waited will be arriving in 2017.

you’ve been teased

Exciting stuff and times are here, well; the wait is almost over. 

Enjoy your day… or else.


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