The First GoPro Photo

First photo taken with the new GoPro Hero3+ back in February of 2014.

First Photo Hero3+ GoPro

The Hero3+ Black Edition was the first GoPro camera purchased, back in February of 2014. Looking for something with a quality picture, but with similar convenience to the phone taking up residence in the pocket at the time. 

Back then the daily driver was the Nexus 4 and still to this day one of, if not the favorite smartphone of this guy.The Nexus 4 was amazing, the camera was way less than amazing. 

GoPro fit the bill, a point and shoot of sorts, that with the small child running about wouldn’t concern budget strapped parents. Often words such as, “it fell from Space, the baby won’t break the camera;” could be heard spewing from my mouth. 

Two kids and almost three years later the little GoPro really is a great camera that is still used a few times a week sometimes more. Everything still works, the microphone although never strong has lost any luster it may have pretended to have, but the rest of the GroPro Hero3+ works as if it were new.

Would I buy another GoPro Hero3+? No.
Nearly every single picture, video, burst shot, and time lapse has been taken blind. At the time GoPro didn’t offer viewing screens on the camera. An add on LCD screen or viewing through the GoPro App; now called Capture, was the options for seeing what the camera was seeing. Limited battery life and clunky WiFi controls made these options less than desirable, so I chose to use a point and pray method. 

Hopes were during post production quality images could be discovered and tweeked. Only taking a couple pictures and some video, then searching after the fact isn’t a big deal, but thousands of pictures were being snapped off causing the pile to grow in to an unmanageable mess.

The new GoPro Hero 5 has a screen built on to the camera and that is a welcome sign. The chances of acquiring the Hero5 are greatly increased due to the screen, because shooting blind is an exercise in frustration.


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