October 5th 2016

The hustle and bustle of the morning; get the wife off to work and the oldest to the bus stop for school, back to the house to feed and nap the little one. 


Happiest kid ever; with an Xbox controller in hand and no protective older brother to swipe it away, the baby flips through the consoles menu with glee. 

He’s really taking a nap today, gonna have to wake him up; we have things to do.

Adam the Woo ends his long time relationship with this phase of his life and his van. Rick Sare misplaced a Nexus in a small space and ponders the Pixel announcement made by Google. Casey Neistat heads to Los Angeles and experiences the future of automobiles. Congratulations on the Streamy Award Casey; well deserved.

Hurricane Mathew passed over Cuba yesterday and is forecasted to impact much of Florida with at least Category 3 intensity. Thursday and Friday seems to be the window at this point. The models are varied to say the least and a single belief is hard to find. I think Mathew is going to spin around clockwise in the Atlantic before making landfall sometime next week.

Image courtesy of National Weather Service Eastern Region

Here is a double rainbow from yesterday.

Double rainbow

The other side was a single rainbow.


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