The Prisma of Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell.

Saying Grace is a 1951 painting by Norman Rockwell

painted for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post’s November 24, 1951, Thanksgiving issue
The painting depicts an old woman and a young boy saying grace in a crowded restaurant, as they are observed by other people at their table.
Rockwell’s inspiration for Saying Grace came from a Saturday Evening Post reader who saw a Mennonite family praying in a restaurant.
Rockwell used his son, Jarvis, as one of the models for the painting.
Rockwell was paid $3,500 (equivalent to $31,908 in 2015)
Readers of The Saturday Evening Post votedSaying Grace their favorite ever cover in 1955.
Saying Grace sold for $46 million (including a buyer’s premium) at Sotheby’s in December 2013, setting a new record price for Rockwell’s art.

The buyer of Saying Grace was not identified
Saying Grace had been on a long term loan at the Norman Rockwell Museum, and had been exhibited at 12 other museums across the United States before its 2013 sale.
 by Rockwell, were sold by the descendants of Kenneth J. Stuart, the art director of The Saturday Evening Post. The sale of the art works was initiated after the conclusion of a legal disagreement between Stuart’s sons.

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