More Than One Way to Get a Sketch Effect on Video.

When you are working with video; the real work comes after the recording has stopped and the camera is off. Editing is an art form, a time consuming, often laborious and tedious art form; but with patience, anyone can improve their editing skills. 

What should I use to edit video? What is the best video editing software? 

I don’t know. I’m not that interested in top 10 lists or awardvertisements. I use what is available and free is often a price I’m comfortable paying. There are a lot of great options, brands, platforms, features, price points, and “knowledgeable” users of stuff; that figuring out what to use could be more difficult than figuring out how to use. I know what I’ve used and can only speak from those experiences.

Microsoft Movie Maker was on the desktop computer that was being used at the time, so naturally Movie Maker was the video editor chosen. Simple and straight forward it takes very little time to get up and running editing your videos with Movie Maker. Filters can be applied including Pencil Sketch, which gives the videos a drawn appearance. All the basic editing functions are present and the software will accept single frame photos as well as video. The Car Wash video and Ah Ha Moment were single photos edited with Picasa to get the drawn look and then pieced together with Movie Maker to create the animation. Ah Ha Moment has over 5000 single pictures creating the video of the empty Disney bus.

Many of the other videos in the Pencil Phase playlist were given the Pencil effect by using the Movie Maker filter over video. Video is much faster than building your video one frame at a time, but results vary.

Pencil and Ink Phase One:

YouTube Video Editor is what I’m using now, but I can’t speak about it all that much because I just started using the program. I’ll let you know.


One thought on “More Than One Way to Get a Sketch Effect on Video.

  1. Aha – thanks for sharing this information Mikhael. I have used Movie Maker on a few projects (musical slide shows with fancy transitions) but have not ventured into the sketch filters… I have been using VirtualDub almost exclusively for rough editing with a side order of Mencoder/Mplayer for conversions and whatnot. I have only recently started toying with Cinelerra and imagine if I ever get the knack for that it will be all I’ll ever need. Free is way-good!

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