Purposely Absent

Utility Poles, Clouds, Rylan Ro, Airplane, Blimp, Building, Floppy Disks, Ybor City, Lightning,
Shadows, Hollywood Studios, Video Game, City of Tampa, Pink, Moon, Squidward, Clouds,
me; Mikhael Ro
Car, MRO, Statue, Air, Tree, Chicken, Puddle, Sunset, Noon
Jack Skellington, Robot Ray Gun, Wilderness, Pay Phones, Barcode, Monorail, Earful Tower, Squirrel, Spaceship Earth,
Contemporary, Clouds, Coffee Table, Cinderella Castle, Lobby, Lightning, from Florida, Beach, Epcot,
Thanks for scrolling through the pictures, I appreciate your dedication to the scroll. Thanks again, follow along if you like. Hope you are well. :o)

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