Halt the Hamster Wheel. 

We start a new week fresh and free of regurgitation, with little to no preconceived notions of how this week that is just now at the halfway point will end. Two weeks ago those fortunate few that are subscribed to the Mikhael Ro YouTube channel started receiving notifications about new uploaded videos. Without missing a day; new videos have been uploaded and shared everyday for two weeks making both the first and second weeks goals of not missing a day successful. There is no such goal for this third week and it’s not likely that a video will be uploaded and shared everyday; we are just not there, yet. New videos will be made public this week and all the videos will be made available on this website.

Mikhael Ro from Florida; powered by WordPress.

Relive the enthusiasm and serendipity of the Pencil Phase; available in this playlist. ↓


One thought on “Halt the Hamster Wheel. 

  1. Way to stick with it Mikhael! Goal acheived you have to enjoy that.
    As I have been perusing your archives I have been enjoying those pencil sketch style videos. I imagine that would be a great medium for story telling… either children’s story or adult story presented as child’s tale (thinking “Wizards” here)… I have been looking for some mention of the app/filter used to get this effect but will take the occasion of this post to ask the question that is on everyone’s mind: “How’d you do that?” 😉
    I trust you weathered the recent storm unscathed. Keep on keeping on!

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