Lightning in a Blog Post

“Message In A Bottle” Now, Lightning in a Blog Post. You know it goes perfectly when you hum the words in your head. The Police released Message In A Bottle as the first single from the 1979 Regatta de Blanc album.

Speaking of firsts… this offering of art; Lightning on the Beach, was to be the first image made available for purchase on things like canvas, coffee mugs,  t-shirts, and other junk you don’t need. Fortunately for you and the internet, resolution requirements are lost on this guy; blocking any further actions towards opening up a Society 6 or Fine Art America account.

Lightning on the Beach; Mikhael Ro

It’s probably for the better that this has been curtailed; the volume that these could be cranked out might possibly, no, most definitely would break the internet. Luck us, we dodged an onslaught of prettiness blanketing the digital landscape.

Share if you enjoy, become a monthly Patron to an Artist at PatreonPayPal is used if you prefer to offer a one time gift. Your support is appreciated; without you, I would get lonely…start talking to myself, then where would this little digital plot of real estate be, where? I shake my head and think “How sad.” Then I start talking to myself, …

See me talk at a camera and record moving pictures of pretty things at YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you are well. 


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