Google Photos “Rediscover This Day” Looks Different.

Over the past few years a lot of time has been spent with photos. Over 900,000 pictures have been taken in just a short time and finding a place to organize was crucial in the beginning and that’s how I ended up using Google Plus. Google+ is where today’s Google Photos came from; G+ & Picasa. Often I read and think; “but I’ve been doing that for months, how is it News? 

“Rediscover This Day” from Google Photos isn’t as new as some of the Tech News sites might have you believe, but there have been changes. Between August 14 & August 24, 2016 the way “Rediscover This Day” looks has been updated. Before the change, the “years ago” graphic was on to the bottom right corner of the image, now it is on the top left. Also with the “years ago” on the top left, a Google Photos branding is on the top right. New. Different, but not really new.

Here you can see the changes. This is what the “Rediscover This Day” feature looks like after the update.

Now, this is what the “Rediscover This Day” feature looked like at the beginning of August; before the update.

Frames were added to these photos using Snapseed; also available with Google+… before the break up last year; before.
Google Photos is awesome has been for some time regardless of what title it is called, but the G+ everything integrated days are missed from time to time, from time to time, time to time.


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