Even The Best Vloggers Suck Sometimes – BlogDogIt

Blogdogit has posted some very kind words about my YouTube channel and has been especially creative with a review of the video, Vacuuming a Bed.

“You have to understand folks, that household chore videos are not the everyday fare of this up and coming vlogger but this offering should let us all know – in no uncertain terms – that Mikhael Ro has a camera and is not afraid to use it in his quest to take the internet by storm.”

Read the full write up at Blogdogit

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Thanks Blogdogit, I really enjoyed your words and I’m sure other will too; even if they don’t appreciate the fledgling art form displayed. Blogdogit subscribed to the Mikhael Ro YouTube channel and so should you. They’ve said it, I’ve said it, and soon you’ll be saying it too; Subscribe to Mikhael Ro’s YouTube channel today.


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