A Week of YouTube.

I did it! I posted at least one video to YouTube everyday for a whole week and now I am going to try and double that. Very little from the past week resembles the plans set seven days earlier, but you know what; I am more than OK with the way it turned out.

The Walt Disney World focused, On Park Property playlist received two new videos, while the Mikhael Ro from Florida playlist received the most attention this week with five new uploads. I vacuum a bed in one; you really should check it out. Florida Local playlist had one video added, a drive through Celebration, Florida along Celebration Avenue and downtown Celebration to finish out the first week.

Here is that Driving POV Video


Now. On to week two.

Please subscribe to Mikhael Ro on YouTube! New video content uploaded daily with amazing new features like text, photos, and polls coming by the end of the year; with the release of YouTube Backstage. What?! YouTube is going full featured Social? That’s the word. Exciting times, exciting times indeed.

Thanks for scrolling down this far. Hope you are well. :o)


2 thoughts on “A Week of YouTube.

  1. I like how you created this page. That is an awesome idea. No I will not steal this idea LOL but I do love it and I’m going to share it everywhere I can good luck with the daily stuff. It’s really hard to continue doing daily stuff I’m actually thinking about going almost daily on my other channel but for some reason I continue doing both. It’s tough man I wish you the best and I will continue watching whatever you put out there


    1. You have my full unwavering support; use, steal, rearrange at your discretion. Thank you for the kind words, but I am lost on the “idea” that you speak of. Let me know if I can help out in any way.


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