Reconfiguring Routine

The daily grind, rush hour, commuting; what ever you call it, it happens at the most beautiful times of the day. “Working” while the driving happens would be ideal. Wake up early and set up before most have even hit the snooze button, waiting for the daily rising of our Sun.

Crazy that a single Sunrise or Sunset video could not be found; I should really get on that, but it illustrates the point. Without concerted effort to break away from the routine it’s likely you will be swept away with it.

Don’t take pictures or video while driving because you are operating a heavy machine that could kill me, or you and everyone around it. It stinks I know, but so does being dead; I guess. So yeah, skipping the commute to focus on prettier things seems like the way to go. 

Creating photos and videos of beautiful Sunrises is a reason to quit “working” at a job.


Diving in deep to a fabulous life of Cloud Appreciation is a reason to quit “working” at a job. 

Of course there are gorgeous Sunsets to experience; of course this too is a reason to quit “working” at a job.


The car cam captured this amazing cloud formation on my way into work last night. I was compelled to stop, but I was also compelled to not being any later than I already was; so I didn’t. Swept away, added to the collection of reasons to quit “working” at a job and experience the experiences.


Many more experiences to come and lots of pretty pictures.

Its me! :o)

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