Use Twitter

​Since 2006 Twitter; an online networking service that allows users to publish & view short 140 character posts called “tweets,” has attracted more than 300 million active users and has changed the way people watch history happen. 

There are many ways Users use Twitter and those same User’s views of what the messaging service is varies; while non-users have a completely different take all together. Although Twitter began it’s journey as a Social Networking service 10 years ago; it has morphed into a real time News warehouse of sorts. Social aspects remain, but the snide remarks “Just Another Social” are usually echoed most fervently from non users, those of us active in the Twitter community know the power of a tweet.

My Twitter feed @mikhaelro stays fairly local to Tampa Bay & Florida. How do you use Twitter?

Twitter is Social, because Twitter is a conversation; a conversation with the universe, a public text message to the world, a post on an internet bulletin board. Like-minded individuals hanging out tweeting a sentence or two at a time to each other is what it boils down to.

Twitter is the modern day News ticker or crawler; which was seen early and a reason media, especially News media has made Twitter their home. Twitter is super fast because much of the tweet activity is happening in real time. 

Twitter is where you can watch history happen.

Wanna see what is happening on the ground around the world & even Space, or follow the Governor’s day to day activities, always be in the know about the activities at the recreation center down the street; Twitter is where you do that.

There is no right or wrong way to use Twitter; make it your own and you’ll find a lot more uses for the service. It’s easy to get overwhelmed on Twitter so the use of Lists are recommended to organize your feed. Start slow, maybe with your favorite newspaper or sports team; weather is an excellent category to begin your journey through the tweeterverse. 

Have a Twitter account? Look me up or be magically whisked away to my Twitter page using the provided link here→ @mikhaelro 

While other accounts across the digital landscape focus on videophotos, and begging; the activity found on Twitter from the @mikhaelro feed is primarily tweets about local day to day happenings in and around the Tampa Bay and the Central Florida regions. 

Again Twitter has many uses. Use Twitter and share your thoughts or something cool with me @mikhaelro


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