In All Of Us

With the help of Google and my son, we were able to create this image during a morning walk along Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park in Tampa, Florida.

Photosphere and Tiny City Effect Provided By a Nexus 4.
Within you is room for the impossible.

The features on the Nexus 4 have done an awesome job at keeping this powerhouse of electrical amazement relevant even while the internet begins it’s buzzing of the next gift from Google, the Nexus 6.

A representation of Bayshore Blvd in Tampa Florida using photo-sphere, Tiny City, and a Nexus 4 by Google. Do you see the nose, chin, or spine in the image of the longest sidewalk, residential towers, trees and Hillsborough Bay?

A couple times to check out Bayshore Blvd is:

  • In the morning’s just moments after the AM rush is an especially peaceful time along Bayshore Blvd.
  • If you can muster the gumption to be out on Bayshore Blvd as the daily afternoon thunder storms finish, a migration unlike any other will be witnessed.
Daytime photo of the calm waters of Hillsborough Bay and Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida
Along the shores of Hillsborough Bay in Tampa, Florida
Bayshore Blvd and the shore of Hillsborough Bay
Piracy is annually celebrated along these shores.
View of Downtown Tampa, Florida from Bayshore Blvd
When one road ends, another one usually begins. Typically with a different name, but not number designation.

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